ECO "Green" contest in Adgar complex

Adgar Postepu sp. z o.o. - the owner of an Adgar office complex in Warsaw organizes a contest "Green your Mind" for its employees.

The owner of an Adgar office complex in Business Centre in Mokotów, Warszawa - Adgar Postepu sp. z o.o. wants to get a certification LEED for his building. Thereupon, the company have organized a contest "Green Your Mind” for its employees. Almost 3000 employees from three buildings can take part in this and look for the best ecological solutions in their everyday work. You can trace a contest on Adgar complex Facebook profile.

The first edition of the contest started on 6 November 2012 and it will last until the middle of December. To participate in a contest employees have to "like" complex Facebook profile and fill in a contest task, i.e. publish a picture presenting an action or solution supporting ecology. Pictures which will get the highest number of "I like it" will be awarded. Awards are gadgets such as  Apple iPad 4 Retina 64GB WiFi 4G, e-book AMAZON KINDLE DX 3G 9.7 " and smartphone Samsung galaxy S3 16GB.

The aim of the contest is connected with a complex drive for a certification LEEED. During this process we will cooperate with leaseholders and its employees, who can i.a. establish rules of responsible shopping, choose the most ecological products and solutions. We thought that it is worthwhile to encourage all people working in our complex to create environmentally-friendly behaviour in a workplace, and everywhere else. I hope that such form of inspiration to choose green solutions will be appreciated - said Eyal Litwin, vice-chairman of Adgar Investments & Development Ltd.

Adgar complex in Business Centre in Mokotów consists of three buildings with a total space of 39 000 sqm, it offers not only a great location but also many facilities such as Conference Centre Adgar Plaza and sport&recreation centre Calypso Fitness Club.

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