GTC prolonged a date of maturity

GTC prolonged a date of maturity through an emission of new bonds with a per value of 206 million PLN

Global Trade Centre S.A. prolonged a date of maturity, mainly callable in 2014, through an emission of new bonds with a total value of over 50 million Euro (206 million PLN). This offer was aimed at some institutional investors.
Business emitted bonds with a par value of 206 million PLN, which will be redeemable in three tranches in 2017-2018. The final buy-out is planned on 30th April 2018.

The company purchased also additional bonds with a value of almost 17 million Euro. The aim is to remit them.

GTC functions according to the plan of liquidity and business status. Earlier the company got 100 million Euro from the emission of shares and 60 million Euro from selling Platinum Business Park complex in Warsaw. A plan prepared by GTC apparently brings an expected result. GTC will continue to function according to the plan, which counts also an execution of the main projects - says Erez Boniel, financial director of GTC.

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