The highest building in Europe was built in Moscow

Visualization of gold Mercury City Tower
Mercury City Tower visualization
Mercury City Tower reached the height of 338 metres and became the highest building in Europe after overtaking London's top - The Shard.

Mercury City Tower in Moscow has reached planned height of 338.8 metres after six years of building and it can vaunt with a name of the highest building in Europe. It's almost 29 metres higher from the previous top - The Shard in London, and the cost has amounted to over a milliard of dollars.

Accomplishment of finishing works is planned before the end of this year. The building has 75 storeys and is covered with gold colour glass. Total space is 173 960sqm, where 87 600sqm is designed as an office space of class A, the rest for an exclusives apartments. The monthly cost amounts form 950 to 1 150 dollars for a sqm. Mercury Development is a project's contractor.

Mercury City Towers is located in a business district of Moscow - Moscow City. Seven from the twentieth of the highest buildings in Europe are located in Moscow, not including a new-built leader.

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