New office centre in Katowice

Brynów Centre I visualization
Brynów Centre I visualization
Katowice School of Technology will build and equip office-warehouse centre Brynów Center I

Katowice School of Technology entered into a contract of subsidy for building and equipment of Science and Technology Park Silesia within office-warehouse centre Brynów Center I. Investment will cost over PLN3 million whence 40% will be covered from the EU subsidies. Application process has lasted from September 2011.

Brynów Centre I has to be a modern, 6-tiered building with a total space of 11 196sqm. There will be 2 level underground car parking. Brynów Centre I will be created with deployment of environment friendly solutions and facilities for the disabled. It will pursue principles of European Union on the subject of Information Society Politics through an applied technical equipment and amenities. Brynów Centre I will be located at Gawronów Street in Katowice.

Project aims to create Science and Technology Park and equipped with technical amenities, with Technology Transfer Centre, mechatronics laboratory and office-warehouse rental spaces.

Ground floor of the building will be designed as service-warehouse rental space. On the first floor, with a space of 1786sqm, office spaces will be located and leased institutions and companies with a innovative and technological activity profile. Income from the lease will be designed as statutory aims of Science and Technology Park Silesia. On the second floor a residence of Science and Technology Park will be located, instead the highest floor will be used for development activities.

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