The Most Beautiful Facility Office in Poland

The Most Beautiful Facility Office in Poland
Winners of The Most Beautiful Facility Office in Poland contest organized by portal The winner is Retail Facility ING Bank Śląski in Torun.

Portal organized a contest "The Most Beautiful Facility Office in Poland". People could vote until 8th November in two categories: "The Most Beautiful Facility Office in Poland" and "The Most Beautiful Cooperative Facility Office". Jury qualified 9 candidates to the last stage of the contest.

Facility offices which were chosen by the jury are distinguished from all other outposts signed in to the contest. Their interiors are a real alternative to very often unremarkable and anonymous interior design of facility offices. Atypical furnitures and unconventional space solutions caused that cosy places with a positive atmosphere for clients and employees were created - says Agata Gabiś, Art Historian and Marketing Manager in KMA Architekci - a contest's partner.

The winner in category "The Most Beautiful Facility Office in Poland" was Retail Facility (Oddział Detaliczny) ING Bank Śląski: Torun, at Szosa Chełmińska 26 Street. It was one of front-runners to win. Anna Misiura, architect of KMA says that the reason of winning was: Creating an unconventional interior's atmosphere.

Corporate Facility (Oddział Korporacyjny) ING Bank Śląski in Łódz at Kopciński 73/75 Street and Nordea Bank Polska SA Facility in Warsaw na at Puławska 22 Street got also a great number of votes.

First place in a category "The Most Beautiful Cooperative Facility Office" got an outpost (and central office) GBS Bank in Barlinek at Strzelecka Street. Warmiński Bank Spółdzielczy Oddział Lubomino and ESBANK faciliate office, Cooperative Bank (Bank Spółdzielczy) in Radomsk, at Reymonta Street got also a significant number of votes.

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