Łódz's Special Economic Zone is one of the best economic zones in the world

fDi Magazine published a Digital Marketing Awards 2012 ranking, in which Łódz's Special Economic Zone was acknowledged the best in Europe and as fourth one in the world.

fDi Magazine, belonging to Financial Times Group, published Digital Marketing Awards 2012 Ranking. Jury was evaluating usage of marketing, strategy and IT innovation aiming to encourage potential investors through particular cities, countries, regions and economic zones. Websites, activity is social media and innovation solutions in the area of IT marketing were analysed.

Łódz's Special Economic Zone was placed very high in a category of economic zones. It got first place in Europe and fourth in the world. First three places went to Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone in United Arab Emirates, Daegu Gyeongbuk Free Economic Zone in South Korea and Ohio Aerospace Hub in United States of America. Fifth place went to Lithuanian Klaipeda Free Economic Zone.

Łódz Special Economic Zone persuaded jury in i.a. rebuilding of the main website, start of the interactive map of investment areas in Łódz's Special Economic Zone and creating a service of property consulting beyond Łódz's Special Economic Zone. Other advantages of zone is a website connected with European campaign "Łódz - Business Zone made-to-measure" with using QR code and rebuilding of communication within social media. In media, many articles about Łódz's Special Economic Zone were published, and commercial equivalent amounted to 2,7 million zł after three quarters, so its four times more that an annual outlay on PR, marketing and advertising. Jury recognised also a newsletter, and usage of 3D technologies in a touch infokiosk as well as using video material during the promotion.

PDF Report can be found below.

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