Opening of another building of Bonarka4Business

Official opening of Building C in a Bonarka4Business complex will take place on 17th January in Krakow.

Bonarka4Business (B4B) office complex consists of four buildings and offers 35 000sqm of A-class office space totally. B4B is located in a close vicinity of Bonarka City Center about 10 minutes by car from the Central Market. Complex was awarded as the best public space ART URBANICA 2012 in the contest. Jury consisted of architects, engineers under the guidance of Andrzej Wyżykowski, Main Architect of Krakow City.

Official opening of the third building, which is included in B4B complex, will take place on 17th January. Building developer is TriGranit Development Polska company, architectonic studio Artur Jasiński i Wspólnicy was responsible for the architectonic project. He created a concept "City Center" implemented by TriGranit company.

Solutions such as raised ceilings, modern air-conditioning and ventilation systems with individual control of temperature, smoke sensors, air inlet vent and raised floor were applied in Bonarka4Business. Tier is 2,7 metres high.

TriGranit and IPR Group are investors in Bonarka4Business.

TriGranit with a headquarters in Budapest is a fourth (considering size) biggest development company in the Middle-East Europe and it has been running on the market since 1997. They specialize in the execution of multi-functional urban centres and property management. First TriGranit's investment in Poland was a complex "City Center" in Katowice. It comprises an area after the former mine Kleofas on which a commercial and entertaining centre (Silesia City Center) and housing estate ("Dębowe Tarasy") was built. Another investment was Bonarka City Center in Krakow together with the office project Bonarka 4 Business. Company is doing a multifunctional center in Poznań at the moment.

IPR Group is a group of developing entrepreneurs running in Poland, Slovakia, Russia, Germany, Cyprus specialized in transforming industrial areas into properties of new generation. Group reached a high technical competence in liquidation of pollution and adjusting areas by employing reputed European specialists within environment solutions, mining and noise protection to reaching ecological parameters according to trends of 21st century.

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pracownik :
Ulubiona lokalizacja korporacji, przy galerii :)
June 24, 2013 at 8:43 PM