Pegasystems Expands Head Office in Krakow

Pegasystems - new head office
Pegasystems has significantly expanded its head office in Bonarka for Business in response to the development of the Krakow department.

The Polish department of Pegasystems has been operating in Krakow since 2005. The office was located in building A of Bonarka for Business, however, the company has made a decision to move to building C due to the plans of further development and expanded the leased space from 1500 sq. m up to 5000 sq. m.

This is your space which has not been finished yet. And it will not be completed for it is going to constantly adjust to your needs. You are the ones who will co-create this space. We hope that it will be a place to which you will love to come. We would like it to positively influence your work and creativity – says Mike Pyle, Senior Vice President, during the ceremonial opening of a new head office of Pegasystems, Bonarka for Business.

Pegasystems is a producer of software which supports enteprises. The company hires over 4000 people all over the world, including more than 200 employees in Krakow. Pegasystems plans further recruitment. The new head office located in Bonarka for Business can hold even 400 employees.

The new office was designed to provide comfortable work. There are work stations on four floors which are equipped with the highest class devices. There are also some places where employees can relax – each floor has its own chillout zone. In order to respond to the employees’ needs, the designers arranged space for meetings. Interestingly, numerous conference halls were named after different places. The whole space is equipped with sound masking system, which generates slight noise dulling sounds from the surroundings and thus it provides better work comfort. We concentrated on creating the best work conditions, open space rooms, social rooms, smaller and larger conference halls – it was all created in respond to the survey conducted among the employees last year, when we asked them what is important and what do they need every day – says Jarosław Maślanka, Director of Department in Krakow.


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