Dwelling places instead of offices

New project implies building of residential and commercial development
The life event took place after the change of ARS's Board
Firstly, building of the office was planned at Synagogalna Street in Płock. However, a dwelling places will be built there.

Project of the modern office located in the centre of Old Town in Płock at Synagogalna 4 Street was created in 2008. It was arising a lot of controversy and discussions, mainly because of a heavy and massive architecture of the building. The structure has four tiers, the elevation is built from a natural stone. A café was supposed to be opened on the roof of the office. Unique, prestigious location in the vicinity of the Town Hall and the market of the Old Town was supposed to be a magnet for business and companies which want to open offices just right here - says Marek Chludziński, chairman of Agency of Revitalization of the old town ARS coo-partnership.

Problems of the main contractor of the investment, Vectra company, caused that the standstill of building works and the lack of interest in office premises in the building.

The life event in the situation of the building took place after the change of the Board of Agency of revitalization of the old town, who decided to change the destination of the building into the residential and commercial development. Architecture studio Królikowski & Jaworski was responsible for the architectonic project. It implies to do a commercial part on the ground floor and creating a residential premises on the upper tiers. Conception implies to create 27 flats with balconies and terraces on the first, second storey as well as in the usable attic. Architects resigned from the very heavy elevation and extended windows. It will change significantly a whole architecture of the building into significantly lighter and friendlier - says Marek Chludzinski. Thanks to the implemented changes, the costs of the building will be lowered.

We received an executive project and a building permit at the moment. We want to call the tender on finishing of the building as soon as possible. We count that if it won't be any rescissions or obstacles, what have to be considered, we aim to finish the building and commission it at the end of 2013 /beginning of 2014  - says Marek Chludziński.

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