The former building of the Embassy on sale

In the picture, the view from the backyard on former Embassy of Lithuania
The view from the street on the supporting building
Embassy of Lithuania in Poland put the real estate near Szucha street in Warsaw up for sale.

Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Poland sells the old embassy's building, which is located near J. Ch. Szucha 5 avenue in Warsaw. The possible purchase includes two buildings of joint area of 682 sq meters and a parcel of 568 sq meters. The owner of the property is the Republic of Lithuania.

The building, constructed in 1885, is designed in eclectic style. It is often called Villa of Olszewicz, or Milicer Palace. Its localization is very good, near Unii Lubelskiej square.

The building can be used as either offices, or flats. It offers two levels with an utilitarian attic and a basement. Basement rooms and a floor are fit to live in. On the ground floor there are representative space and office area. The building is enlisted into the Register of Historic Monuments. Nearby, there is a small building with a basement with a basement purpose. However, it can be used as a garage or a flat. It consists of one level and is not enlisted into the Register.

Since 2006, the real estate has not been used. It is neither indebted, nor onerous. In 1979-1981, a general renovation took place. Asking price equals 2 600 000 Euros net.

The auction of the building will be held on March 14, 2013 near Ujazdowskich 12 avenue in Warsaw. The applications are to be sent until March 13 to the premises of the Republic of Lithuenia. The current ambassador of Lithuania in Poland is Loreta Zakarevičienė.

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