It's time for convenience offices

Liebrecht & wooD have presented their new solution in the field of commercial real estate.

Liebrecht&wooD have presented in their offer a new solution that can be applied to commercial real estate. The convenience office solution employed in the Morski Park Handlowy office and commercial complex in Gdańsk will be adjusted to the demands of the modern tenants.

This new type of real estate will be characterized by its localization near the main communication routes, comfortable journey to work, good rental conditions, flexibility in shaping the space, and direct access to a range of commercial and service facilities. This idea alludes to the convenience stores – stores situated in frequently visited points of a city where one can do shopping easily and quickly.

Marc Lebbe, CEO of Liebrecht & wood, says: Combining office projects with commercial parks is a product with future because it perfectly combines work and free time. We live fast, we try to do several things at a time. After work we want to do our shopping quickly and enjoy our free time. Those exactly are the advantages of convenience offices.

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