New investment in Kraków

A new residential, office and commercial building is to be contructed in St. Łazarza Street in Kraków. Its investor is Studio Stare Miasto Sp. z o.o.

Kraków will become richer in buildings due to a new residential, office and commercial building. Partnership Studio Stare Miasto will execute this project in St. Łazarza Street in the Kraków's Śródmieście district. The investment’s general contractor is Aedes S.A. The contract amounts to 8,48 million PLN.

“The project in St. Łazarza Street comprises the construction of the building with six overground storeys where residential, commercial and office rooms will be situated. Moreover, according to the order, a two-storey underground car park and technical infrastructure are to be built. This is the next investment which constitutes a challenge due to a construction site's very difficult location because it will be situated in the city centre in the densely built-up area,” says Maciej Targosz, President of the management Board at Aedes S.A.

The construction starts on 4th March 2013. The building execution is supposed to last 16 months, so it should be completed in July 2014. St. Łazarza Street is located near Grzegórzecka Street, close to the Main Square and Krakowska Shopping Mall.

Aedes S.A. operates its business in the building and installation industry. In last six months, the company signed four contracts of the total amount of almost 30 million PLN. The company is recorded on the NewConnect market managed by the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The company was established in 2001 by Maciej Targosz, the current president of the managment board, and Paweł Szymuś.

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