Wrocław will be enriched with new office block

New office in Wrocław
At Kwidzyńska Street in Wrocław is building new office block, which is realisated by Clearsoft Company.

At Wrocław’s Kowale, at Kwidzyńska Street 11 medium and modern office building is rising. On three floors it will offer circa 1000 square metres of B class office space. The finish of building is planned for April 2013.  Currently, the building works are almost finishing. The finishing works and the last actions with elevation are continuing.

In the near future the land use will be realisated. The spacer in the building are suited to flexible arrangement.  In the building there is mounted  innovative air conditioning system, which is based on chlorofluorocarbon system and the skeletal system GB, which is lead to server farm. To guarantee safety, in the office block monitoring system is used. The users may use 13 parking spaces, including 2 for disabled people and 4 canopied parking spaces.

The object is well-connecting, because is located near the communication hub, near junction of Brucknera and Kwidzyńska Streets. For bike lovers, there are special  monitored  bicycle stands. The system of cycle paths leads to the building. The investor is negotiating with potential leaseholders.

‘We prepared our offer for those companies, which want to have comfortable workplace, with effective design, but not necessarily for those who look for big office blocks’, as representative of investor comments. We prepared this building according to standards, in which we want to work, hence leaseholders can find there air conditioning, underslung ceilings, monitoring system and fibre-optic Internet.

The inwestor is company Clearsooft from Wrocław, which prepare its offer for enterprises of modern technologies, inter alia medical.

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