Construction works in Karolkowa Business Park

ASBUD Group purchased the shares and the rights to manage the project from ABLON group, the current investor of Karolkowa Business Park in Warsaw.

Karolkowa Business Park will be an office complex offering 15 000 sqm of the class A office surface on 12 stories. In this complex, about 3 000 sqm of retail and service surface will be created, located on the ground floor along with renovated, historical facade. Above it, 2 500 sqm of green terraces will be placed. The investment will constitute a larger part of the business center developing on Warsaw's Wola. Karolkowa Business Park will be certified in BREEAM system, which confirms the applied energy-saving and environmental solutions.

The success of Karolkowa Business Park is predicted, thanks to its attractive localization, the wide offer of planned additional services and implemented idea of balanced construction, which will change the commercial space into a stress-free work environment. The new commission will enable the usage of the fully-functioning infrastructure and organized neighborhood - says Eyal Mor, the Managing Director of ASBUD Group, and the Karolkowa Business Park project.

ASBUD has entered Polish market in 1997, as a part of a capital group of the ASBUD GROUP.  Karolkowa Business Park is the first step towards the portfolio diversification in terms of commercial investments. The company also plans the implementation of the office complex at Bokserska Street. The main shareholders of ASBUD are Israeli company Shikun & Binui Group as well as STR International Real-Estate Group.

The main contractor of Karolkowa Business Park is KARMAR company.

Committed to the project, we have resumed the Karolkowa Business Park project realization, which is conducted periodically with no delays. The project construction is a very good news for us. This project is a result of hard work of the investor and the contractor, which aims to optimize the technical solutions and costs conducted long time before the signing of the agreement. We have a lot of satisfaction that the product of our preparations, efforts and cooperation with the investor will materialize and make a significant, unique value for the district and the city – says Dariusz Kolasa, the KARMAR's commercial director. 

The completion of the construction and the complex opening is planned for the 3rd quarter of 2014.

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