Karolkowa Business Park - in the spirit of old Warsaw.

Karolkowa Business Park is going to restore a facade of the old Philips factory. Historic bays will constitute a part of Karolkowa Business Park business centre.

The spirit of old Warsaw will remain in the modern business centre - Karolkowa Business Park - which is being built between Karolkowa St., Grzybowska St., and Towarowa St.

The fact that we have decided to preserve certain elements of the old building is a great challenge for us, but is is also an opportunity to create something unique. We have decided to keep the old facade and connect the remaining bits of red brick with modern architecture. We are prepared to use similar solutions inside in order to create an inimitable atmosphere for the commercial space which is to be there. - said Katarzyna Pys-Fabianczyk, Marketing&Leasing Manager in Karolkowa Business Park.

It is a tribute to the entire surrounding district, our neighbour - Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego and to all those who still remamber the old times of Philips factory. - added Katarzyna Pys-Fabianczyk.
The Philips lamp factory was built in 1923 in Wola district of Warsaw. It was built during Warsaw uprising but it still does its job. akłady Wytwórcze Lamp Elektrycznych im. Róży Luksemburg were established there after World War II.

In 2011 the old hall rooms were demolished but not entirely. The chracteristic facade has remained - 10 repetitive bays divided by flat, vertical shoulders on the wall. Ablon Group will take care of renovating this part of the building - the facade will be composed into the architecture of the office building.

Karolkowa Business Park will have 12 storeys. It will provide 18 000 sq. meters of office space, 3000 sq. meters of commerial-entertainment area and 2500 sq. meters of green to improve the quality of work in the offices.

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