Crystal office building

Construction works on the Getin Plaza office building on Przyokopowa Street in Wola district have started on September 7th.

A service and office complex owned by LC Cor pis currently contructed on Przyokopowa Street in Warsaw’s Wola district. The investor wants to complete the construction works in 24 months. The project of the investment has been created by APA Kuryłowicz & Associates studio.

The comlpex will consist of four box-shaped buildings, coated with strips of black stone facing. The interior elevations of two 12-storey dominants will be coated with glass panes of different inclinations. The whole complex will look like a shattered rock inside which a crystal is visible. A stylish patio will be created between the buildings.

The office building will be the seat of the companies that are members of the LC holding. The remaining part will be rented. Service premises will occupy the lower floors. The commercial space will be of 31 000 sq. m.

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