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The Alchemia office block in Gdańsk.
The Alchemia office block in Gdańsk.
A sports centre with a swimming pool is going to be created in the Alchemia office building in Gdańsk. It will be operated by Aquastacja.

Alchemia houses not only Class “A” offices, but also a variety of related services. Apart from a large restaurant, the office building is going to house a generally accessible sports and recreation centre, which is currently under construction. The centre will offer swimming pools, sauna, a sports hall, mountaineering zone, gym, and a hall for fitness and cardio workouts. - says Monika Brzozowska from Torus, the company developing Alchemia.

The sports and recreation centre in Alchemia will be accessible not only for the employees from the office block, but also the inhabitants of Tri0City (Gdańsk, Sopot & Gdynia). The swimming pool will be operated by a Gdańsk company Aquastacja. The goal of the project is to combine the world of business with family life. Thus, some of the activities will be dedicated to children, so that the busy parents can spend some time with their loved ones.

Many young parents find it difficult to combine their activities with their children's activities. This is the opportunity we want to give them in Alchemia. As some classes held at the swimming pool will be dedicated to business clients and some to families, everyone will be able to find what they look for. - says Agata Marzec from Aquastacja.

There are going to be baby changing stations in the locker rooms. The centre is also going to house a café offering special menu for children.
The sports and recreation centre in Alchemia will be divided into two areas: a “wet” area with swimming pools and a sauna, and a “dry” area with a gym, a sports hall, etc. There are going to be three swimming pools in the former area, including one for small children and infants. Swimming courses will be held both for children and elderly persons. We will cooperate with the best swimming instructors, distinguished professionals and ex-Olympic athletes, in prder t provide the highest quality training for adult swimmers. - informs Agata Marzec. Among additional attractions, there will be aqua-aerobic classes and watercycling. The centre will be open from 6am to 10pm. Online sale of tickets will begin in May.

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