A new image of Porta Varsovia

A computer rendering of Porta Varsovia, an office complex in Warsaw
A night visualisation of Porta Varsovia, a planned office complex in Warsaw
A new design, assuming construction of 200-metre office complex in downtown Warsaw, is already known.

Porta Varsovia complex, whose design has just been changed, is to be erected at Emilii Plater and Nowogrodzka streets junction, on the plot of the area of 11 500 sqm. The design was made by KONTRAPUNKT V-Projekt Project Investment Team from Kraków.


The previous plan assumed creating two towers, each having 218 metre height and 52 storeys. However, the complex diminished to the height of 180 m (41 storeys) and 160 m (36 storeys). Storeys from 8 to 36 will be combined with a light, glazed block, broadening upwards. The roof of the lower tower will turn into an "orchard", referring to located here historically pomological gardens.


The building will also have two underground storeys, in which i.a. a parking lot for 1 100 cars will be located (the previous design assumed 1 800 parking places). Porta Varsovia will altogether offer, instead of the original 78 000 sqm, the space of 52 000 sqm, where not only offices, but also a hotel and service area will be situated.


The land under the investment belongs to Warsaw capital city and currently is in tender plans of Real Estate Management Agency. Now, there is a high school and a junior high school, so the sale will be possible only after changing their seat. The city has announced from the very beginning that it is not going to step in the construction, and after obtaining development conditions, it will sell the area to an investor. Land prices in this district range between €  5-6 000 to 10 000 per 1 sqm.

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