A new office building will be constructed at Kopcińskiego Street in Łódź

A computer rendering of the winning design of an office building at Kopcińskiego Street
Staszewscy Ziółkowscy Architekci won the competition
A competition allowed HammerMed Nieruchomości to select a design of an office building which will be erected in Łódź at 79 Kopcińskiego Street.

Staszewscy Ziółkowscy Architekci won the competition organised by HammerMed Nieruchomości. The second and third place have been taken respectively by PuiA Marek Solnica and "3D ARCHITEKCI z wizją".

The office building is to have 6 storeys and offer the class A-/B office space of altogether 3 000 sqm. It will be located at 79 Kopcińskiego Street, in the proximity to already existing projects of this company. It is the company's fourth investment. The competition aimed at selecting the best concept as far as functionality, aesthetics and operation are concerned. The investor wanted the project to take into account the character of the location and importance of the place.

In the first stage of the competition the company selected three best designs, which were subsequently consulted with residents of the town, who had a chance to say which design won their recognition. They voted mainly on the design number two, that is the concept of Staszewscy Ziółkowscy Architekci, which received such comments like: "An exceptional architectural consistency, so no. 2" or "Project no. 2 – A very interesting structure of the back wall, the whole building does not spoil integral lines, what's more, they perfectly fit with the 1st and 2nd phase of 73/75/77 Kopcińśkiego". The authours of every comment have received small gifts. 

Construction works are to begin in early spring of 2014.

HAMMERMED Nieruchomości, previously under the name HammerMed Piotr R. Hammer, has been operating since 2001 and from the beginning of its existence it has dealt with the sector of purchase, management and lease of properties located in Łódź region. The company owns, i.a., Centrum Biznesowe Kopcińskiego, at 77 Kopcińskiego Street, which was erected in 2012.

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