New office in Łódź

HammerMed is planning realization of a new office in Łódź. It will be another investment located at Kopcińskiego Street.

The company is planning realization of a new investment at Kopcińskiego 89/91 Street. The office will have 8 tiers and it will offer 8 000 sq. m to its tenants. According to "Gazeta Wyborcza", the commission of the building is envisaged on 2018.


This office will be another investment within Kopcińskiego Business Center. HammerMed purchased the property at Kopcińskiego 69/71 Street in 2007. The building of a new office in the city center of Łódź at Kopcińskiego 73/75 Street started in 2009. It was completed in 2010 and the office was named "Modernization of the year 2010". The building of a new office class A at Kopcińskiego 77 Street started in 2010. Another office is also located at the same street – at Kopcińskiego 79 Street – in place of the factory of tricots Henryk Dziambor. This structure is the third stage of Kopcińskiego Business Center and it offers 2900 sq. m of usable space.


HammerMed Piotr R. Hammer was founded in 2001. Its headquarters is located at Kamińskiego 34 Street in Łódź. The company's course of actions is to purchase, to manage and to lease properties located in Łódź as well as its surroundings.


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