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One company can operate in different industries and perfectly combine them together (pic pixabay)
Offices for rent in C12A in Warsaw
What industries are interested in merge of companies which specialize in many fields, including construction, lease or sale of offices? We decided to examine this issue.

One company operating in different industries which are often very distant from each other, or quite the opposite – which complete each other, is the new reality on the market. The same situation concerns the sector of office properties in which the business activity in the area of realization and commercialization of space is connected with similar activities, or even those which are not related to each other at all. What merges are the most popular among companies which build, rent or sale offices?


Premises and offices

One of the combinations is joining both office and residential industries. This tendency is especially popular among developers who operate on the area of a particular city or region and after some time on the residential market, they decide to build their first office. For instance, Art-Developer – a company which was founded in 2005 in Wrocław – has been realizing only residential properties at the beginning. Its first office project is a small investment Art-Business Center situated in the Oltaszyn district in the capital of Lower Silesia. Except for offices, the building offers service and commercial space. Another example is Euro Styl in Tricity, which has been conducting developer activity since 2007. The company specializes in residential and single-or multifamily construction. This developer has been also present on the market of commercial properties since 2011. Its portfolio includes such investments as the small office Opera Office, BPH Office Park and C200, which has been modernized. Another office project is the business park Tensor in Gdynia. Moreover, the Wrocław capital group Partner Capital Group, which operates in the residential industry, also decided to build an office structure, that is Partner Point. At present, realization of the second stage of the investment – the commissioning of which is planned on the third quarter of this year – is currently being conducted. The building will offer ca. 2100 sq. m of modern office space. Additionally, service premises are envisaged within this project. 


Hotels, recreation centers and offices

Another possible option in the area of joining construction and lease of offices with other industries is combining activity on the office and hotel market. For instance, Satoria capital group runs 7 hotels under the brands Best Western, START hotel and RT Hotels which are situated on the area of Warsaw and Krakow, cooperates with 37 partner hotels and manages two conference centers, two hostels as well as nursing home in Augustów. In order to diversify its portfolio, this group also develops the portfolio of office investments. Satoria has eight offices of the size amounting to more than 16 000 sq. m. This group will be extended by C12A, which will offer nearly 9000 sq. m of office space located on six tiers.


Furniture, stationary and offices

Moreover, Lobos also actively operates in several fields. In this case, it decided to join industries which are related to the office. Thus, this group includes Lobos Meble Biurowe (e.g. producing office and hotel areas and performing fit-outs), Lobos Artykuły Biurowe (delivering devices, stationary and exploitation materials to the office, etc.), Lobos Technologie (equipment of companies in multifunctional and big-size devices, financing systems, lease and system service), Lobos Kserodruk (delivering printing services) as well as Lobos Nieruchomości (renting office areas). The last company is the investor of Lobos Office, which is currently being realized in the Krakow Czyżyny district. The project will be commissioned in October this year.


Medicine and office properties

It is worth mentioning that the above examples are companies which decided to combine different industries, however, they decided to do it in one field – the field of properties or the field of industries which complement each other. There are companies on the market which take a step further and they combine fields which are not related to each other. For instance, Hammermed is a... distributor of healing methods and medical products. However, it has also been operating on the property market for nearly 25 years. It has been realizing the office investment Centrum Biznesowe Kopcińskiego since 2009, which is situated in the capital of the Łódź Voivodship. The third stage of the project – the office at Kopcińskiego 79 Street – was commissioned in March. Moreover, another building will be realized within the complex – this time at Kopcińskiego 89/91 Street.


The above examples are only some out of many companies which do not only run their business activity in the construction industry or lease of office space but also in other fields. Undoubtedly, there are many possibilities of combining the office industry with others. One of the most important issues in this case is a well-thought-out strategy which will help companies to achieve success on the competitive and demanding market.


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