Amid the plethora of names

Tensor complex - a name inspired by the architecture
C200 - a name referring to tradition and shipyard nomenclature
How do the names of offices or office complexes originate? Do developers choose standard or rather unconventional names for their investments?

Diversity of names given to offices or office complexes can make everyone dizzy. Although several schemes in the field of naming such projects may be distinguished, there are still a lot of them which cannot be assigned to any category. A name given to an office structure is mainly an idea suggested by investor, but it is sometimes associated with an address at which a certain office or complex of structures are located, and sometimes it is dictated by the architecture. Another way is to give your structure an English name.


Address included in name

One of the most frequently applied method concerning naming of offices refers to addresses of office structures. Such solution was applied, for instance, in the case of the investment in Łódź, i.e. HAMMERMED Nieruchomości Kopcińskiego Business Center, which is located at Kopcińskiego Street in the city center of Łódź. Moreover, the name of C12A in Warsaw, which is being realized by Satoria Group, was taken from a name of the street and number at which it is located, that is Erazma Ciołka 12A. A similar way for naming an office structure was used by HB Reavis in the case of an office complex situated in the very heart of the business part of the Warsaw Mokotów district – Postępu 14.


Address of a structure, and to be more precise – street, is also present in the name of the office owned by Developres in Warsaw – SkyRes Warszawska, which is located at Warszawska Street. Sky, in turn, refers to the fact that this building is one of the highest structures in the city, and the ending res refers to Rzeszów, whose Latin name is Resovia.


Find a connotation

Not only an address may be used in name of an office or an office complex, but also a city or even a region. The example is an office investment owned by LC Corp in Katowice – Silesia Star. This name was chosen in the competition „Name Your Office” organized at the end of 2013. It is associated with both location of the structure and housing estate at which it was realized and which is known as Gwiazdy (Stars).


Inspiration drawn from the history

The idea for a name of your office or an office complex may sometimes originate from the history of a certain place. For instance, a multifunctional Alchemia complex is being realized on the area of the former „Chemia” factory. Therefore, its name refers to the activity conducted in that place, and it is developed by names of other office towers realized within the next stages of the project, whose names were taken from the chemical elements – Aurum and Platinium (1st stage), Ferrum and Titanium (2nd stage) and Argon (building realized within the 3rd stage).


The influence of the history on the name of an office structure is also noticeable in the case of Pokoyhof – „Pokoy” is a phonetic representation of the Buqoi family, the former owner of the real estate, whereas „Hof” is a German name referring to a courtyard.


History connected with symbolism

A similar but quite different strategy was adopted by UNIMOR Development at revitalization of the UNIMOR complex aimed at building of Pomerania Office Park. The name of this complex is English but the names of particular buildings – Zefir, Fala and Atol – refer to terms which were used to define models of TV sets produced in the structure situated in the place where the complex is currently being realized. On the other hand, these names refer to the sea. According to the conception of the company, the first building of the complex – Zefir – gives an impulse to Fala, which then creates Atol.


Idea inspired by the architecture and tradition

The naming of office investments is also related to inspirations directly drawn from the architecture. For instance, Tensor realized by Euro Styl in Gdynia where „dynamic” solutions were applied on the building’s facades, i.e. panels from nets. Their multidirectionality refers to the name – tensor (a notion applied in e.g. mathematics) meaning a vector directed upward. Another project of the company – C200 Office – is an example of revitalization including an office building, which has been used by the Northern Shipyard for many years. It has an intentional name reflecting the tradition and shipyard nomenclature. Interestingly, the name C200 preserved on one of the old boards around the building.


English variations

Nowadays, the dominant trend in the area of naming office structures are anglicisms. The examples of English names of such investments may be enumerated endlessly. Tower, business, plaza, office or center – these are the most frequently used words which are often connected with a street at which a particular structure is located, as well as district, city or even region. However, there are other combinations which are created in result of e.g. associations, characteristic features or office complex. To sum up, the scope of available possibilities is unlimited.


The above review of different names given to offices or office complexes presents how differentiated and rich is the range of ideas for names of such projects. While deciding on any of these options, it is worth mentioning about a tendency in this area within the nearest competition in order to distinguish your investment against other structures, or just the opposite – follow their patterns.

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