Business Park Teofilów doesn't sleep

Business Park Teofilów
Business Park Teofilów
Łódz's complex has entered another stage. After execution of the building it's high time to start other works.

Demoliton of Elektromontaż's office, which was built in 1970-ties and is located at Traktorowa Street in Łódz, has already started. Works connected with building a car parking will start farthest after 3 months. Because of increase of market needs, parking will replace a new building -  third form fourth planned in a Business Park Teofilów Complex.

Works inside the building are at present being done - cleaning of rooms, demolition of internal walls and doors. Elektromontaż's office will be demolished partially through about 2-3months. Due to a not so far away distance from the newly built building C, we can't do a spectacular demolition of old office - says Łukasz Maciak, Director of Commercial Funds of Arka's Properties.

Business Park Teofilów will consist of four buildings. First - office "C" will be ready-made in September. In the precincts of the building, renovation and cleaning works are being done, initiated by Łódz's Town Hall. Access road is being repaired now, repairing of the tarmac and exchanging of kerbs and pavements.

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