Nafta after renovation

Socrealistic building at Lubicz Street got back former glory.

Renovation of Nafta office at Lubicz 25 Street has ended. Socrealistic building erected at the end of 1940-ties, and got back former glory thanks to investor's care about reconstruction of original look.

Nafta office is located in provincial monument records and in "Atlas dóbr kultury współczesnej województwa małopolskiego". It is distinguished by rhythmic elevation system and characteristic entrance in a shape of rotunda on concrete columns. Works connected with painting the elevation of the building has started in March last year. At the moment, the property is decorated by sand-coloured referring to original colour of elevation, designed by Włodzimierz Minnich.

Currently, the building is an office for many known and prestigious institutions such as i.a. PGNiG Group,  Górnicze Biuro Projektów Pangaz or Brokerage House Bank BPS.

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