Szombierki revitalisation

Almost 100 hectares In Bytom is going to be utilized by Armada Company.

Armada Development, a subsidiary company of CG Investment, plans on development of land that belonged to the former Szombierka mine. The investment will roughly encompass 100 hectares in the city centre. The company executives promise to create a new Bytom Centre, a place in which the city life will be focused.

The result of the investment process, which is expected to last for four years, will be conducted in stages, which will lead to creation of an office complex, a shopping mall, a housing estate as well as a golf course. It is going to be the biggest multifunctional investment of this type in Silesia.

Office spaces as well as the technopark are going to be located in the building of the old mining shaft "Krystyna" linked with the headframe n a shape of a mining hammer. The aforementioned former mining objects will undergo a thorough revitalisation as well as extension. The top of the tower will be converted into a restaurant with a vista point overlooking Bytom. After completion of works the shaft will become the most prominent/representative element of the cityscape as well as the vicinity of the architectural and spatial concept.


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