The official beginning of Olivia Four's construction

On the 17th June at 2 p.m. the foundation-stone was laid under Olivia Four
Olivia Business Centre is located at Aleja Grunwaldzka in Gdańsk
On the 17th June the foundation-stone was laid under Olivia Four office building in Gdańsk.

Olivia Four is the fourth building belonging to the complex Olivia Business Centre. It will offer the office space of 12 500 m2 and is to be completed in March 2014.

On the 17th June the foundation-stone under the structure was ceremonially laid. There was prepared a special tube (a time capsule), in which the foundation act, issue of the newspapers from that day and coins currently in force were placed. The closed capsule was put in a 50-centimetre long concrete container and masoned manually, with the use of a trowel. Subsequently, the whole was fastened to a crane, which brought it across the construction site to the proper place of building it in – that is the underground parking lot under Olivia Four.

Starting another investment is an answer to the needs of potential customers. We receive very specific enquiries from new prospective tenants. Yet simultaneuosly the firms already located in OBC are developing. We can see how the business run by them is growing, how they employ people. The investment is also an answer to the questions asked by the present tenants – says Maciej Grabski, an investor in Olivia Business Centre.

The investor comments also on the current state of the market. I am not afraid of a recession on the market. Even in the crisis many investments are being realised, and very interesting projects are created. However, it is a fact that only the best enterprises are successful during a crisis. Just analyse the case of our investment. We began our construction in the first stage of the crisis, nobody did begin big enterprises then. We have taken the risk and we have managed to be successful. For me it is an evidence that our project was really good and companies in the market really appreciate this – emphasises Maciej Grabski.

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