A modern office building will be constructed in Poznań

Inkubator Biznes i Nauka in Poznań
Firms from the field of business and science will be able to have their seats in Inkubator
Young enterprises will be able to find their seats in Inkubator Biznes i Nauka constructed in Poznań.

A new office building will be erected at Obornicka Street 330 and will offer the space of above 2 100 m2. The completion of the construction is scheduled on the end of the first quarter of the year 2014. Biznes i Nauka company is the investor, whereas a construction firm PTB Nickel is its general contractor.

As the general contractor of Inkubator Biznes i Nauka [Business and Science Incubator] we are responsible for creating working plans and specifications, along with comprehensive implementation of the whole investment. It is the next, after, among others, Nickel Technology Park Poznań, Eureka Technology Park, Nickel BioCentrum or Inea Park, technologically-advanced project, which have the pleasure of building. The construction of Inkubator has began in June in the current year. The finished building will be commissioned in the first quarter of the year 2014 – says Michał Nickel, the President of PTB Nickel.

Inkubator will have two storeys, where, apart from 45 offices with about 120 work-places, laboratories will be also situated. A creation of Utility Research, Availability and User Experience Laboratory (LabUx) and Multimedia Technologies Research Laboratory, together with Intelligent Everyday Technologies Laboratory is planned in the building. In Inkubator, there will also be training and conference rooms, receptions, server rooms, kitchens, office facilities and a utility room. Occupants will be able to use underground parking lot with 40 parking places. The building will be adapted to the needs of the disabled.  

We decided to realise our investment with PTB Nickel company mainly because of their experience with constructing technologically advanced buildings. Inkubator Biznes i Nauka will we a building fulfilling the requirements of class A, and its main feature for a person moving inside is to be intuitiveness. While designing our office building, we were looking for high-tech solutions, which will facilitate the lowest electric energy consumption and the most effective management of natural resources and waste during exploitation of the building – informs Adam Szyszka, the President of Biznes i Nauka company, a Professor of Poznan University of Economics and Warsaw School of Economics.    

The object of Inkubator is a creation of a place for seats of young firms, very often set up by students and graduates of Poznań universities. The environment, which the building is to provide, will enable dynamic development of these firms. Inkubator will offer not only modern spaces, but also substantive support from such entities as Poznan University of Economics, Poznan School of Logistic and firms offering accounting, financial, legal, IT and marketing services. In addition, Inkubator’s cooperator is LMS Invest fund, which provides capital for new, innovative enterprises.  

The project is co-financed by the European Union.

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