IBM Center for Advanced Studies in Gdańsk University of Technology

IBM Poland and Gdańsk University of Technology initialled an agreement concerning creating Centre for Advanced Studies in GUT.

Center for Advanced Studies – CAS – is a center formed on the level of the university authorities, aiming at establishing cooperation with IBM CAS in research and business activities.

The Centre’s task will be among others educating students, PhD students and scientists at Gdańsk University of Technology, along with increasing competitiveness of the university in the higher education market. IBM products will be used in laboratories and during classes. In addition, the company and the university will together procure funds for research, on the basis of separate consortium agreements.

The cooperation will be based on four fields. The first one is the development of city management system in the spirit of Smarter Planet (Intelligent Operating Centre), the second – building mobile applications for IBM Rational products. Another field is building reference models supporting software manufacturing  cycle – Rational products, and the last one – Software Development Environments.

The contract was signed on the 3rd July by the Deputy Rector of Gdańsk Univeristy of Technology, Professor Jacek Mąkinia, and the representative of IBM, Krzysztof Bulaszewski. The cooperation between entities was initiated by Professor Cezary Orłowski, the Head of the Faculty of IT Use in Management.

Center’s development will depend on workers’ commitment and university authorities’ policy concerning its development. Past experiences in cooperation with university authorities show supporting such initiatives – commented Prof. Cezary Orłowski.

The construction of CAS in Gdańsk University of Technology is a next stage in developing cooperation between IBM and GUT. The company attaches particular importance to software development on the basis of the Center’s research potential, but it also counts on experienced specialists in the market supporting Rational products – said Mariusz Ochla from IBM Poland.

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