The first SEE, Tarnobrzeg investor

REM II is planning to build a facility by the end of this year. A manufacture of window joinery will spend 5.7 M PLN in the area.

REM II company, founded in 1997 and is focused at manufacture of window joinery, has bought by tender a 2.5 ha. parcel of land. According to the portal a facility will be erected on the said plot. Building works will begin in the weeks to come and the recruitment as well as the begging of production are planned at the beginning of the next year.

REM II company is currently employing over 120 employees, and there plans to broaden the personnel by the next 100 employees, but the final number will depend on the amount of orders. REM II produces wood joinery, 30 per cent of which is prepared for export to the Central and Western Europe.

The problems in finding investors in SSE, Tarnobrzeg, founded in 2006, were a consequence of the lack of the built-up area. The grant of 16.8 M. PLN from the Regionalny Program Operacyjny (Regional Operational Programme) allowed for construction of access roads and the internal communication as well as water and sewerage network and drainage ditches. Currently there are being conducted negotiations with other investors. The city authorities plan to prepare second tender concerning plots by the end of the year, they count on interest of construction and logistics companies.

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