Park Gate, Dubai

A modern overlooking a green area office situated on a desert is no longer a myth.

The duo Adrian Smith and Grodon Gill have once again proven that in the world of the modern architecture, nothing is impossible. One of their projects, Park Gate, proves that an object situated on a desert is able to fulfill requirements of office workers and residents living in it.

The project consists of six curving inwards towers that are connected into pairs by means of vault canopies that are covered with cells concentrating and accumulating energy that later is used in the building. What is more, shadows created by the canopies lower the temperature by 10-15 °C. Hanging gardens, situated beneath the canopies that will support lowering of the temperature and will provide humidification.

Temperature fluctuations in the building and its immediate vicinity will be regulated by water tanks filled with salt water, which during the day will accumulate the heat in order to emit it when the temperature drops.


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