Olsztyn honours Conquerors of Space

Aleja Kosmonautów is going to be erected nearby Centauru. A futuristic project from Trójmiasto has won the contest.

The contest for the design of Aleja Zdobywców Kosmosu has been completed. Now we know how the surrounding of the existing planetarium and the business centre Centaurus that is being built in the vicinity.

The most important factors that influenced the decision of giving architects from Essentium, Gdańsk, the first place and the 15k., award was the harmonious blend of modern and old architecture, creating an attractive public space, which at the same time maintains relationship between the existing and the planned elements of vicinity, as well as introducing non-standards elements of details such as the highlight system. Every visitor will not only be able to learn about the history of the conquest of the space, which will be carved in small letters on the railing, but also see footprints left by distinct space flights crewmen.

Centaurus, in accordance with the assumed specifications, is going to be a multifunctional building of a modern form. The highest building in the city will be decided into the office, hotel and restaurant and recreation parts.

Offices will occupy the half of the total available useable space. The cost of the erection is estimated at 160 M. PLN. The object is going to be completed within 28 months from reception of the building permit. Warmia Investment is responsible for implementation.

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