Bayer employs in Gdańsk

250 people will be employed in a new finances and accounting centre in Gdańsk. The company is located in Olivia Business Centre.

Bayer is a German company which produces pharmaceuticals  and crop protection chemicals. The finances and accounting centre located in Gdańsk is one of four such centres belonging to the company in Europe.

Gdańska has been chosen after a fierce competition of many European cities and we are very happy about that. Ultimately, in two years we will employ there over 250 employees - says Christophe Dumont, President of Bayer sp. z o.o.

The centre is located in Olivia Business Centre office complex. After the decision was made to open the new seat of the company in Gdańsk, it took a year before it started operating. The official opening took place in March 2013. Bayer chose Gdańsk from such candidates as Poznań, Wrocław, Katowice, Wilno and Tallin. When the construction works are completed, the centre will occupy 2500 square meters.

The employees of the centre have already begun courses abroad offered by the company. Some of those people are trained in Germany. It is important for us that we have a chance to gain very very good employees, who were educated in Poland but have an opportunity to develop abroad, in Germany and in our second finances centre in Spain. This gives them wider perspectives and ultimately they become better employees - says Christophe Dumont.

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Iwona :
Gdańsk ostatnio bardzo się rozwija. Zwiększa się liczba dużych firm, są stosunkowo wysokie płace oraz atrakcyjne możliwości spędzenia czasu wolnego. Przybywa powierzchni biurowej ( Alchemia czy właśnie Olivia Business Centre). Miasto naprawdę warte rozpatrzenia przy podejmowaniu decyzji gdzie mieszkać
August 9, 2013 at 1:52 PM