A plot for sale in the Warsaw Borough of Śródmieście

The Mayor of Warsaw sells property at Kawalerii Street in Śródmieście borough. An office building may be created at the place.

A plot of land measuring 2658 square meters has been put up for sale by tender. The plot is undeveloped and its asking price amounts to 17.4 mln PLN net. The plot's number is 5/3.

Decision on Land Development and Management Conditions issued by Zarząd Dzielnicy Śródmieście m.st. Warszawy (Management Board of the Warsaw borough of Śródmieście). The plot can hold an office building with underground parking, driveway, necessary installations infrastructure such as power network, sanitary and storm sewers, water supply and heating systems as well as telecommunications network. The building can be 12 meters high.

The plot (surrounded by Podchorążych Street, Czerniakowska Street, B. Prusa Street, Książęca Street and Ujazdów Avenue) is listed in the Register of Historical Monuments (rejestr zabytków). Construction activities undertaken in the area of the property need to be authorised by a Historic Preservation Officer. Also, an archaeologist must assist all digging works.

Currently there is no Local Spatial Development Plan for the area where the plot is located. The way and possibilities of developing the property are ruled by land development conditions decision. 

The property is located vis a vis Legia Stadium, near Łazienki Park and two embassies.

Persons who have priority in acquiring the land can apply within six weeks. 

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