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More foreigners studying in Poland

2.5 percent of students at the University of Warsaw are foreigners. Students from the East and from Spain come to Poland most frequently.

People from Spain usually come for student exchange, students from the East want to get a degree. We have both: short-term programs and complete programs resulting in getting a diploma. Altogether there are over twenty such programs. Studies in English are available mainly in humanities and social sciences institutes but also in the department of chemistry - says Anna Korzekwa, the University of Warsaw (UW) spokesperson.

Foreigners can study in Poland in English but there are also courses in other languages, for example  Political Science lectured in Russian at the University of Warsaw. Students from abroad can choose from the list of all study cycles - the first degree, the second degree, postgraduate studies and doctoral programs.

Foreign students can also study in Polish. Such solution is particularly popular among students from the Ukraine, Belarus, and Lithuania. They frequently graduate from Polish Studies. If students from the European Union choose to study in Polish they do not have to pay fees. It looks differently in the case of students from outside the EU – they need to be ready to pay several thousand euro. The fee depends on the faculty. Usually it amounts to 2-4 thousand euro - says Anna Korzekwa.

Currently 2.5 students at the University of Warsaw come from abroad and study complete programs resulting in getting a diploma. Twice as many people come to Poland for one or two terms. When it comes to student exchange, some may be surprised to hear that Poland is extremely popular among Spaniards. People from Spain are the most numerous group among students from abroad who study at the University of Warsaw. Germans are just behind; however, the University is becoming more and more popular also among candidates from other corners of the world - says the University of Warsaw spokesperson.

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