Watch out for swindlers pretending to be the Ministry of Finance!

Swindlers pretending to be the Ministry of Finance wangle personal information and credit card data.

Swindlers pretending to be the Ministry of Finance and using the logo of Tax Administration send to businesspersons false information about tax refund they are allegedly going to get. They ask for personal information and credit card data. It is a serious problem and we respond immediately to such things – says Wiesława Dróżdż, a spokesperson at the Ministry of Finance. The swindlers use our logo, the e-mail address from which messages to businesspersons are being send is confusingly similar to our e-mail addresses.

In the body of the e-mail there is a link to a webpage on a Romanian server. The recipient of such an e-mail is supposed to leave there the data of his company and data of the credit card which is to be used to transfer cash. Beside the logo of Tax Administration, the swindlers give referential numbers of the tax payer and the case.

We inform that neither the Ministry of Finance nor any other subsidiary unit, tax office, treasury office does not send e-mails with information that in return for submitting personal data one can get income tax return quicker – says Wiesława Dróżdż, stressing the fact that tax returns have been finalized a long time ago. Besides, tax offices do not need such personal data. All such information is provided when tax payers hand in their annual accounts or at the moment of employing. Requesting personal data in exchange for the return of allegedly overpaid tax is absurd – explains the spokesperson of the Ministry.

The Ministry is considering filing a notification on suspicion of committing a crime.

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