Property agent and manager licenses will not needed since the new year

Regulations concerning agents and property managers will change with the beginning of 2014.

Deregulation of professions which will be introduced on January 1st, 2014 will abolish most legal requirements so far obliging property agents and managers. Mutual obligations between parties will be regulated in a written agreement they conclude. The only existing regulation which will remain in force is the obligation to buy liability insurance for any damages.

It means that beginning with the next year property managers will be able to operate without licenses – it will be enough to conclude a property management agreement with the owner, housing community board or other person or subject, who has the right to the property.

It looks just the same in the case of property agents. Rights and obligations of the agents and the clients will be defined in an agency agreement which will be null and void unless made in writing.

All the requirements concerning property managers and agents, especially licenses, the requirement of clean criminal records, professional education and training, will disappear on 1 January 2014. Thus, in case of any conflicts the clients, actually both parties, can only pursue reciprocal claims in general courts – says Wojciech Dworzyński, the owner of Atlanti Nieruchomości property agency.

However, both agents and managers will need to buy liability insurance for any damages they can cause. If they work with the help of other people they also need to buy such insurance for any damages caused by them. 

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