Developed plots in the centre of Kraków are waiting for investors

Property offered for sale by MPA, source: Military Property Agency
Property offered for sale by MPA, source: Military Property Agency
Military Property Agency informed about the plans to sell plots located at Rakowicka Street in Kraków.

Three separated areas at Rakowicka Street (in total nearly 3 ha) will be auctioned by the end of this year. Their total value is estimated at nearly 56 million PLN. Military Property Agency will transfer 93 percent of the profit on the sale to Fundusz Modernizacji Sił Zbrojnych RP (Modernization Fund of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland).

The property at Rakowicka Street is a unique area in the strict centre of Kraków, where one can create urban facilities referring to the great traditions of the city. There is no current land development plan for the area, according to the study it is the area of so called Nowe Miasto (the New City) – says Przemysław Wierzba, manager in charge of marketing and PR, reional branch at Military Property Agency in Kraków. In the neighbourhood there is the Main Satation, the University of Technology, Museum of the Home Army and Opera Krakowska (Kraków Opera). It takes just a couple of minutes to reach the Main Square.

The plots can hold modern urban facilities. According to the land and building register, the plots are located in the Bi area – other developed areas. An investor (as there is no land development plan) will have to request for the development plan for the discussed area. A residential project is being developed o neighboring plots, which is significant for land development conditions (WZ) which considers the surroundings. The Agency handed on opprox. 1 ha (separated from the complex at Rakowicka Street) for permanent administration of Archiwum Narodowe (National Archive) – says Przemysław Wierzba.

The future buyer of the first plot f the area will be entitled to statutory allowance for the part of the auctioned price because of the inclusion of the property to the Register of Historic Monuments.

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Berni :
Powierzchnie w bardzo dobrej lokalizacji Krakowa, oby powstało tam coś ciekawego,,,, może kolejny biurowiec?
September 6, 2013 at 2:42 PM