Big fusion on financial market

Deutsche Bank PBC’s Department in Focus office building, photo by Deutsche Bank
Deutsche Bank PBC’s Department in Focus office building, photo by Deutsche Bank
The fusion of Deutsche Bank Poland and Deutsche Bank PBC will result in one of top 10 of the biggest financial institutions in Poland.

The conjoint assets of the banks will equal 35 billion USD. Fusion is to be done without dismissals. We are preparing to this fusion in technological, financial and HR aspect – says Krzysztof Kalicki, Deutsche Bank Poland’s President. Our capital will be used in a better way, our offer will be complex and it will come from one bank only. Because both two banks are complementary, the process should not be very complicated and our clients could not even notice this fact, as their bank accounts do not change at all – he adds.

Last week, the banks obtained a permission of Polish Financial Supervision Authority. All assets of Deutsche Bank Poland is to be moved to Deutsche Bank BPC, however, the institution will be run as Deutsche Bank Poland S.A. Today, Deutsche Bank Poland has got a surplus of capital in its assets. Deutsche Bank PBC needs this capital for the development of retail business. The fusion of the banks will result in a high solvency factor of them and a potential for further development. Deutsche Bank Group in Poland will be represented in a strong and unified way by only one bank – Krzysztof Kalicki comments.

Assets worth 35 billion USD will place the bank in the top 10 of the biggest financial institutions of the country. Nominal capital is to be borne by emission of actions in favor of Deutsche Bank AG, which will therefore receive over 50 per cent of share in Deutsche Bank Poland. The bank will also become a sole shareholder of DB Securities brokerage house.

We perceive this fusion from the point of view of synergy of incomes and better business solutions, both for corporation and individual clients. Our offer will come from one bank and it will be a complex one, we will optimize solutions – says Deutsche Bank Poland’s President.  

After the fusion, the bank will have 170 departments and advisory centers in Poland. It will become a universal bank, which is the one that offer products for both retail clients and companies. 

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