Changes in personal data security systems

EU's directive unifying the rules of personal data protection will force changes in the Polish legal system.

In next year the countries of European Union will have to unify their legal requirements concerning data protection and management of personal data. Currently, the issue is dealt with separately by each country-member. One legal bill could replace 28 other bills currently existing in each state involved – explains Wojciech Wiewiórowski, Main Personal Data Protection Inspector.

Nowadays, separate bills are regulated by a directive from 1995, but still significant differences between various legal systems can be seen. Because of that, a common information circulation market and security systems have to be created.

A biggest practical challenge for the new legal forms is the inclusion of new communication methods – states Wojciech Wiewiórowski. This problem is caused by the fact that in 1995 the access to information was slower and less common. The computer and the internet were not generally available and means of social media were limited. Nowadays, the mobile devices are becoming increasingly important.

General directive about personal data protection on the level of European Union will probably be introduced in 2014. Poland will have to adjust its legal system to the new regulations. One more difficult problem will be the regulation of various kinds of exceptions from the bill about personal data protection, which now can be found in various legal acts – explains the Main Personal Data Protection Inspector. They can be found in bank related bills or accountancy connected legal acts. We will have to procure a general revision of Polish legal system to see which of these exceptions are still valid in a democratic state of law – predicts Wojciech Wiewiórowski.

At this point in Poland, the regulations concerning the revealing and transmission of personal data are regulated by a bill from 15 years ago. It has been very controversial back in those days. Nowadays, the entrepreneurs agree that the bill have eliminated from the market those, who were not professional enough about their business. Those, who treat the operations and clients seriously, not only survived, but adapted well to the regulations concerned – comments Wojciech Wiewiórowski.  

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