West House 1B under management of Knight Frank

West House 1B
West House 1B
Knight Frank expands its portfolio of managed properties in Wrocław.

Knight Frank, the company which is also responsible for the commercialisation of the building in question, has been elected to office manager of West House 1B, Wrocław. It is the sixth commercial property under Knight Frank's management in the capital of Dolny Śląsk (Lower Silesia).

The erection of West House 1B was divided into two stages. The first element of the compound, having 6000 m2 of class A office space, has already been entirely rented and by the end of september the occupancy permit is going to be validated. The first tenant is Netia which is going to occupy 4000 m2, and the second one is OBSS company which will occupy the remaining 2000 m2. The owner of the facility is Archicom from Wrocław.

The second stage of the erection of West house 1B, which will provide the local market with the next 6000 malready is being commercialised. Currently we are conducting negotiations and we hope to have signed rental agreements regarding of at least 50% of the space by the end of the year. - says Dorota Kościelniak, Regional Director of the Wrocław Office of Knight Frank.

Knight Frank, the complex located at Strzegomska Street, is a part of West Forum office complex which, when completed, is going to offer 100 000 m2 of commercial space.

Currently Knight Frank administer over 80 buildings in the entire Poland, which equals to 1 200 000 m2 of office space.

Archicom operates within Wrocław concentrating on commercial and residential projects. Their portfolio includes, aside of West Forum, such investments as Renaissance Business Centre, Liskego and the housing estatpe Olimpia Port. 

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