ECO GPP Business Park awarded with the highest BREEAM grade

Goepper-Mayer office building, Katowice
Goepper-Mayer office building, Katowice
Office Building Geppert-Mayer, Katowice as the first one in Poland was awarded with BREEAM Certificate, Outstanding grade.

Goeppert-Mayer, an office building, is the first out of four objects that are being built as a part of a complex by Konstruktorskiej Street, Katowice. The investor of GPP Business Park is Górnosląski Park Przemysłowy Sp. Z o.o. The complex is going to offer approximately 30 000 sqm of space.

The BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) is one of the most popular multi-criteria systems of buildings’ assessment. An investment that is going to be assessed by means of BREEAM

A particular investment that is a candidate for this certificate undergoes an assessment of, among others, such categories as user comfort, energy consumption, localization and transport, waste management as well as protection against pollutants emission. An office building from Katowice was awarded with the highest possible BREEAM grade. Buro Happold prepared both the project as well as the building for the certification.

The environmental certification is given to aware investors, who with use of it can demonstrate that through their actions they show concern for the environment and the comfort and health of those who will use their buildings. Efforts for the „Outstanding” grade in the environmental certification of buildings by BREEAM Post Construction method conducted by GPP are a confirmation of not only investor’s exceptional ambitions but also the highest standards of sustainable construction. In order to achieve such a high grade a building has to fulfil all the requirements in more than 85 per cent such as care for the environment as well as health and wellbeing of users of the building.  We are glad that we were the one who were trusted with the preparation of the project of the edifice for the environmental certification with use of BREEAM International method.  - comments Marek Dąbrowski, certification process controller in Buro Happold. (The leader of the certification process)

Goeppert-Mayer is characterised by innovative solutions such as trigeneration system which powered by natural gas produces electrical, thermal and cooling energy. The office building has also a high-performance heat recovery system, an advanced facade system, heating and cooling beams, central damping system of compartments, charging stations for electric vehicles as well as fibre-optic connection to the information and communication network. Aforementioned elements are controlled and managed by the BMS (Building Management System).  There is 7800 sqm at occupant’s disposal, which includes office space, parking lots, restaurant, virtual office as well as conference centre.

The uses of energy-saving solutions, fully automated and staff-friendly appliances are elements not only increasing the comfort of work in the building but also actual decreasing the exploitation costs, which is very important for tenants. GPP BUSINESS PARK complex is characterised by an effective energy management, that makes the workspace pleasant. This investment is prepared to meet requirements of the most demanding tenants of BPO / SSC/ R&D / ITO markets. – observes Mirosław Czarnik, President of Górnośląski Park Przemysłowy.

The annual analysis of the functioning of the building confirms that the energy consumption of the building is about 50 percent lower than in conventional class A buildings. The overall demand for the primary energy is predicted to be lower than 100 kWh / sqm / year, while in the case of a reference building this value is 260 kWh / sqm / year. These and other calculations conducted by experts shows that the total monthly costs of media, this being: the heating, cooling, water, electricity and ventilation are about 1 euro per 1 sqm of the leased space (with one shift of work).

The office building is popular among tenants, both large international companies such as ABB and Ericsson, as well as smaller companies. At the moment almost the entire surface has been leased.

Currently next buildings of the GPP Business Park complex are being built. The two next objects are going to be commissioned in the II and the III quarter of 2014, the second building has already been commercialised in 80 percent. The next buildings will also be named after widely known scientists in the fields of science – Otto Stern and Kurt Aldera.

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