The market opens up for investments

The first half of 2013 wasn't easy for Polish companies, but the predictions for the second half are much better.

First six months of the current year passed under the sign of problems with investments, development, gaining contracts and payment blocks for the Polish companies. However, experts predict, that the second half of the year will be significantly better. Some companies declare the beginning of the investments, showing that Polish market is not in as bad shape as it could've been predicted after the first six months – claims Mariusz Hildebrand, the president of Big InfoMonitor.

The construction and tourism sectors had biggest problems in 2012 and in the beginning of 2013. A difficult situation continues, primarily due to conflicts in the world, as for example in Egypt and Syria. 18 percent of companies from tourism sector considers closing down their operations. In the construction sector in about 10 percent of the companies, talks of closing down began, but the rest of them indicate that the difficulties on the market started to recede – says Mariusz Hildebrand.

Macroeconomic data show a slight improvement of the economy, which makes the entrepreneurs be more optimistic about the future. If similar problems will occur in the economy or on the foreign markets we might experience similar, shorter trends. Looking at the development of economy in Poland and opinions of Polish entrepreneurs, we have reasons to believe that in the second half of 2013 the market will be much better than in the first – comments Mariusz Hildebrand.

Expert also points out an increase in awareness of businessmen concerning the management of finances. Many entrepreneurs have learned or is still learning to check their contractors. It's very important to learn not to act after the damage is done, when we already have problems with regaining our funds, but to prevent it. Means to do that are, for example, checking the financial status of potential contractor in available databases. Usually, monitoring of payments by calling and checking someone or face to face contact is enough – explains the President of BIG InfoMonitor. When it comes to problems with regaining the payment, companies turn to economic information offices or debt markets and then initiate standard procedures aiming at regaining the payment.    

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