A new countenance of an office building In Bydgoszcz will be prepared in 2014

A semicircular tenement house At the corner of Dworcowa and Królowej Jadwigi is undergoing modernization.

The edifice at Dworcowa 71 was built in 1895 for Fritz Heroldt and was characterised by a neo-baroque style. However, the building’s reconstruction, after its fire in 1945, did not preserve a single original stylistic element was preserved. The building remained unchanged for decades. Because of its special location, the investor decided to raise its standard by means of a significant modernisation of the interior and change of the nature of the facade, in order to create a new spatial domination at a busy intersection. – says Bartosz Kamiński, an architect from Lines Architekci, a planning and design company, responsible for modernisation.

Both the interior and the exterior of the buildings are the subject to the major overhaul. The storefronts of shops on the ground floor are going to be enlarged. Large windows will introduce much more light to the interior, which will be additionally brightened by means of a largely glassed roof, which will be additionally raised. LED diodes will be used to emphasize the protruding glass elements.

After completion of the modernisation works, the building will continue to perform its office functions. The completion of works is planned at the beginning of 2014.

In the recent times Bydgoszcz begins to emerge as an important position on the list of attractive locations for business, especially for modern business process outsourcing services. According to data provided by Colliers the overall supply of modern office space at the end of 2012 amounted to 42 500 sqm. The second half of 2012 was characterised by supply on level of 3500 sqm and with the office investment that are currently being planned suggest that the office market in Bydgoszcz will continuously be developing.

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