Skanska for the mound

In a historic curtain of the fort 'Kościuszko' a new conference and exhibition center will be created.

In a historic curtain of the fort I - V of Fort no. 2, which is a part of Kościuszki mound in Cracow, a 21 month long construction of a conference and exhibition center of Tadeusz Kościuszko will soon begin. The investor is Kościuszki Mound Committee an the contractor is Skanska.

The curtain is a brick and stone object, consisting of two walls and a mound made between them. The location is on the historic monuments list, so we will procure a number of conservation works - says Krzysztof Jaźwiecki, Project Manager in Skanska. We will clean the brick surface and fill the holes in the wall. Moreover, we will renovate the stone elements and make replicas of destroyed and missing elements, i.e. the battlements.

Financial support comes from the investor himself, from Lesser Poland's Regional Operations Program for the years 2007 - 2013 and National Fund for the Renovation of Historic Monuments of Cracow. The value of the investment was estimated at 6,8 million zlotys gross.

The works will begin with cleaning of the area between the walls. The space will be covered with an artificial roof, which will also serve as a terrace. Exhibitions and conference Center T. Kościuszki will be put into operation in the first quarter of 2013. It will be a two story high of a maximum height of 11,6 m and will have 1000 sqm of total space. In the close surroundings of the investment, new alleys, 18 spot parking lot, bicycle parking station and a playground for kids will all be created.

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