Revitalization of an office building in Krynica

An office building of a spa company has become a seat of a modern commerce and services centre.

According to 'Gazeta Krakowska', the actions conducted by Roman Kłuska, the former owner of Optimus, has started the revitalization process of a tourism centre. In some time a modern office and services centre, built from the destroyed office building of an office building of a spa company in Krynica-Zdrój will be put into operation – adds the daily.

Many services will be offered in the centre, including those from medical and legal sectors. Moreover, the investor wants to underline the regional undertones of the location, by creating in the place of the former office building a centre for local craftsman, folk artists and producers of regional foods. The investor has denied the allegations according to which he wanted to use the centre for creation of new hotel space.

The actions of Roman Kluska call for the revitalization of further projects. Local authorities plan to renew the promenade, hotel 'Prezydent' and a lift to Góra Parkowa.

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