Controversies arise around new Warsaw's office building

Plac Zamkowy - Business with Heritage
Plac Zamkowy - Business with Heritage
'Wprost' revealed that the permit for the construction of a controversial office building near Sigismund's Column has been given by the mother of the co-creator of the project. The information has started a media storm, and the investor has applied for the administrative procedure's correctness to b

According to the information publicized by 'Wprost', the co-maker of the Plac Zamkowy - Business with Heritage office building is Bartosz Naperty and the permit has been given by his mother, and at the same time the supervisor for Architecture and Construction Department in Warsaw's City Center, Jolanta Zdziech-Naperty. The supervisor hasn't informed her employers of the relations she has with the co-maker of the architectural concept of the building.


The investor of the office building, Senatorska Investment, has responded to the situation by applying to Supreme Audit Office, Appellate Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw, Central Anti-Corruption Bureau and the capitol city of Warsaw's Council for the inspection of the conduct of administrative procedure.


The representative of the board in Senatorska Investment, Maksymilian Marcinkowski, stated: The administrative procedure took 5 years, since 2007. The decision of Architecture and Constructon Department in Warsaw's City Center has been given on the 21st of August 2009, by the then supervisor, Andrzej Michalski. The permit given in the 2012 by the current supervisor, Jolanta Zdziech-Naperty, was only the confirmation of her predecessor's decision.


In its statement, the company also informs, that the only contractor of the project's work was RKW Rhode Kellerman Wawrowsky and the main architect of the project was a designer of a polish descent - Wojciech Grabianowski, who personally took part in the process of consultations with the city's authorities. RKW Rhode Kellerman Wawrowsky has informed, that Bartosz Naperty was the company's employee in the years 2006 - 2012. His engagement in the project was limited to the preparation of visualization of the location and the procuring of rendering for the consultations with the Capitol's Heritage Conservator. Moreover, he has no individual qualifications to be able to design a project - we can read in the statement.

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Kolejorz :
Budynek bardzo porządny, pasujący do okolicznej zabudowy i nie wchodzący w granice UNESCO. Nie rozumiem co tutaj można protestować.
November 6, 2013 at 11:05 AM