Ochota Office Park will change into Adgar Park West

Glass elevation in Adgar Park West complex
Side elevations of Adgar Park West
Adgar Group changes the complex bought in June and located in Warsaw to have a new name, logo, architecture and additional functions.

Adgar Group has bought the Ochota Office Park complex located by Aleje Jerozolimskie 181 in June this year. The company has informed the general public about its intentions towards modernizing the structure and giving it a new name Adgar Park West. The name derives from the investment's location in the western part of the capitol, near Szczęśliwicki Park. With the help of HRA Architekci architectural office, a new architectural concept has been created. Moreover, Adgar Group plans to create sport, recreation, shopping and meeting centers as well as completely rebuild the shared locations on the buildings' ground floor. Near the complex, a whole year running 900 meters long path with an elastic, polyurethane surface will be created. Modernization will end in the second half of 2014.


Basing on our experience on the office real estate market in the world, I'm fully convinced, that our ambitious plan of changes at Adgar Park West will be a huge success - said Eyal Litwin, General Director of Adgar in Poland. When the process will be finished, the complex will offer modern and functional office space with a desirable workplace providing optimal working conditions for the employees. Thanks to its unique location, as well as a creation of unique sport area, Adgar Park West will make up for a perfect, technologically advanced seat of a company - he adds.


New architectural concept includes the changes in exterior of the buildings. From the side of Aleje Jerozolimskie a new, 100 meter glass facade will be created. It will provide a bright interior space - an atrium in which service points including shops, restaurants and cafeterias will be present. Moreover, the elevation of all three buildings making the Adgar Park West will be renovated. The green areas around the location, arranged for the runners, will also be renovated.


The interior of the complex will change as well. The new sports, recreation, shopping and meetings area for fans of active live style, which will be located on the ground floor, will take a total of 6000 sqm. It will be the first center of this type in Poland. It will gather the sports accessories shops, helpful experts and unique equipment, such as Swim Jet Pools, stations in which one's bicycle can be placed or test new models available on the market, see a modern fitness club or exercise equipment located on the location's exterior. Moreover, a professional sports, rehabilitation and physiotherapy medial center will be located there.


The complex is the former seat of T-Mobile and even at this point in time it meets high requirments in terms of IT solutions. Adgar Group plans to use even more advanced technologies, such as free Wi-Fi available in all shared places.


From the beginning of the year in Adgar Park West new constructions will be put into operation, such as: a new Adgar Ochota Training Center, which will offer 8 training halls (their size will vary from 17 to 190 sqm), Chill Room and Event Room (176 sqm) with multimedia facilities.


The complex consists of three combined buildings offering a total of 43 000 sqm of rentable space. The users can make use of 1100 parking spots.

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