Cathedral Plaza Office for demolition

Appeal court in Sucueva, one of Bucharest’s districts, found that the building was constructed in no accordance with law.

The Roman Catholic archdiocese in Bucharest has asked for demolition of Cathedral Plaza Office after Suceava, Bucharest appeal court’s sentence validation – reads “Roman Times”.

Judges regarded the building as not build in accordance with the law – it stands far too close to the existing church. The cancelation decision of the building permit is definitive and irrevocable.

What is controversial is that Cathedral Office’s investor – Millennium Building Development – in 2011 sold the office building to the British investment fund for 70 m euro. What is more, the majority of the space has been rented. The developer decided that the court’s decision is “extremely delayed”, The case is going to be referred to the international court – informs Gazeta.

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