Another buildings in Olivia

Two another buildings: Olivia Point and Olivia Tower are being built in Gdańsk's business complex.

Olivia Business Centre complex has started building of two another structures. New buildings: Olivia Point and Olivia Tower will bring into Tri-City's market about 24 000sqm of new space. Both offices will be ready-made at the turn of III and IV quarter of 2012.

Olivia Business Centre is a multi-functional business centre, located in a centre of Tri-City's agglomeration. First of complex's building - Olivia Gate has received an occupancy permit. Final works are being done in interiors now. Office together with executed currently Olivia Point and Olivia Tower will create an interior place with fountain and green space.

Investor of the complex is Maciej Grabski, co-creator of Wirtualna Polska. Architectural design of Olivia Business Centre was created in architecture studio Konior&Partners, however Gdańsk's TPS company is responsible for commercialisation of office and commercial spaces.

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