Together for Children

Olivia Business Center and Lechia Gdansk Foundation join forces to help children from localities destroyed during the August storm in Pomerania.

Thirty third-year up to seventh-year students from the schools in Silno and Pawłów met with footballers of Lechia Gdansk and visited the Stadion Energa Gdansk and Olivia Business Center.

This is an extremely exciting event for our charges. Olivia Business Center was supporting us from the very beginning, always trying to help in case of alarming situations. For instance, the employees of companies residing in Olivia have recently given us school starters. This time, Lechia Gdansk Foundation, which cooperates with Olivia Business Center, suggested to organize a meeting with sportsmen for children from the most aggrieved families. I am impressed by the openness of the club and the foundation which invited our charges to a football training and organized a meeting on the Stadion Energa Gdansk. There were lots of emotions. This is really a great gesture – says Bernadeta Zimnicka, Director of Municipal Educational Complex in Chojnice borough.

This visit on the Stadion Energa Gdansk would not be possible without the cooperation of Lechia Gdansk Foundation and Arena Gdansk Operator Sp. z o.o.

Lechia Gdansk Foundation was established in order to bring help. Sometimes it is material support and sometimes it is financial support. However, there are also moments when even the smallest form of support is invaluable; in this case it was about bringing smiles to children who suffered from very serious consequences of the August storm. Together with Olivia Business Center, we wanted to give these children the energy, to uplift and inspire them thanks to the time spent on the football field. The joy on the faces of these young people makes me believe that we are doing a right thing – says Janusz Biesiada, Chairman of Lechia Gdansk Foundation.

The meeting with the footballers was only one of the attractions which were prepared for the children. From Traugutta Street, they proceeded to the Stadion Energa Gdansk and visited the complex with a guide. The final stop was Olivia where they received some snacks.

Every change needs direct engagement of concrete people. In Olivia Business Center, we do our best to motivate companies, organizations, and, primarily, all people who create them, to common actions. We get involved in ideas and initiatives which go beyond business and which are aimed at, for instance, supporting local communities. The employees of Energa, Fujifilm and Staples have already decided to help the aggrieved in Pomerania. Now, Lechia Gdansk Foundation is our new partner. We believe that our first joint action will give us an impulse to establish even closer relations – says Monika Bogdanowicz, Olivia Business Center, responsible for CSR projects in Olivia.


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